The Business of Adventure
The Business of Adventure Podcast
Backing yourself.

Backing yourself.

Mark Beaumont Part I

In the first of two interviews, Mark shares how he got started in endurance cycling and some of the key success factors in making a sustainable living in the adventure world, including:

  • Are you prepared to take risks and “back yourself before you ask others to back you”?

  • The importance of a clear intent, professionalism and a commitment to developing essential commercial and business skills

  • The value of talking to people, finding mentors and asking for help

  • Why you need to get outside your silo

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The Business of Adventure
The Business of Adventure Podcast
Discover how to make a living from adventure. In these conversations we talk with people doing what they love and getting paid (well) for it!
While the backdrop may be endurance cycling, rock climbing, kayaking or mountain biking, the challenges we’re talking about are finding customers, building a reputation, and managing finances.