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Building strong foundations for an adventure business

Building strong foundations for an adventure business

Conversation with Paul Reeve, founder of the charity challenge event organisers Sky Blue Adventures (part 1)

In this first of two podcast chats, we talk to one of our subscribers, Paul Reeve of Sky Blue Adventures.

Over a career in the police, he had a range of roles where he built up a strong network of contacts with people in the various “Blue Lights” services.  Meanwhile, in his spare time he was doing lots of freelancing in the Mountain Leader world, growing his qualifications as he went.

He started Sky Blue Adventures over a decade ago and now runs it full time.  The business specialises in supporting Charity Challenge Events.  Things like The UK’s Three Peaks Challenge as well as bespoke international challenges like the Emergency Service Challenges in Nepal and Tanzania. As it stands now they have over a hundred events booked in for this year.

In the first part of our discussion we’ll be talking about:

  • What the differences are between being a freelancer and running your own business

  • How it feels at the different stages of growing a business – and why this is an important guide to help you choose the right business strategies to focus on

  • How the clearer you can define what you want your business to be known for, the easier it will be to find the right clients – and the right staff and people to work with.

And finally we’ll get some tips from Paul on the all important topic of selling and how to do it so you don’t feel awkward.

Find out more about Paul Reeve and connect with him here:

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The Business of Adventure
The Business of Adventure Podcast
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