The Business of Adventure
The Business of Adventure Podcast
Freedom and flow for you and your business

Freedom and flow for you and your business

Bodhi Aldridge. Mentor, facilitator and teacher.

In this episode, Bodhi Aldridge talks about aspects of running an adventure business that often get overlooked in the rush to get better qualifications, get more clients, get equipment ready for the day and do everything else that needs doing. 

Bodhi will challenge you to think about the driving force in your business (you!) in ways you may never have done.

Some of the key takeaways for us are:

  • “If I believe there’s not enough money, that’s what I am going to experience”. Many adventure business owners have a resistance around money, sales and building a business. Addressing these can do wonders for the business - and the owner.

  • “You can bring the experience of freedom and flow into the whole of your life”. The joys of adventure are often experienced as freedom and flow. Tapping into and cultivating those feelings can do wonders for your business, your relationships, your parenting - the whole of your life.

  • “90% of our day is driven by our subconscious mind.” Do you know what yours is telling you?! Learning to get present is one of the fundamental ways Bodhi helps you spot this voice.

What are the key things you take from Bodhi’s insights? And have we gone to far off-piste with this episode?!

If you like what Bodhi has to say, then we’d really recommend listening to his podcast True Freedom.

You can also connect with Bodhi and learn more about his teaching on these links:

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The Business of Adventure
The Business of Adventure Podcast
Discover how to make a living from adventure. In these conversations we talk with people doing what they love and getting paid (well) for it!
While the backdrop may be endurance cycling, rock climbing, kayaking or mountain biking, the challenges we’re talking about are finding customers, building a reputation, and managing finances.